Thoughts and things

Thoughts and things

In a world of giving and taking, I might as well start giving something in return for everything that I've already taken.

Pourqoui tu ne veux pas juste profiter?


For I am Barney Stinson, player king of New York City.



When you always accept challenges, regardless of whether they are put up by yourself or proposed by others, you care to try and accomplish all of them. 

Keep in mind though that, especially when you are competative, driven and hungry for victory, you might start to take on more and more challenges. Some might become a formality rather than a challenge, making it harder and harder for you to focus and accomplish what you strive for. 

The biggest danger in this is that as you start losing your focus, and your number of challenges continuously increases, you might start to pay attention more and more to the challenges that you do not accomplish. Especially if your regular accomplishments, however great, become mundane to yourself. 

Take a small step back every once in a while to see what you have accomplished and will accomplish in the future, rather than always having the negatives in your mind. 

Because I*ESN is your friend, you’ll never be alone again. #superse7en #sexysix #gold #yellowsubmarine

The ends of Ireland. #Galway #ireland  #cliffs

The ends of Ireland. #Galway #ireland #cliffs

I AM the danger. I AM the one who knocks. 

I AM the danger. 

I AM the one who knocks. 

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Ooooh sometimes, I get a good feeling! #avicii #le7els #AMS #ziggo #fireworks

Ooooh sometimes, I get a good feeling! #avicii #le7els #AMS #ziggo #fireworks

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Salt water

Ever so slowly, drops of spare time find their way back in to my life through the almost impenetrable ceiling of I*ESN obligations. The kind of spare time you don’t miss if you do not have it, but once you’ve watered your lips there’s no quenching your thirst of free time.

What use is there in talking about drops, lips and thirst if all you need is a solid drought? One that takes your mind off the daily business and brings your focus back right where it should be. No more mediocre parties where your attendance is just ‘appreciated’, no more constricting thoughts on made decisions and most of all no more jerking around on the internet. Either finish your glass and soak yourself in the alcohol of spare time or not a single sip of salvation at all, giving you the full focus. No more middle ground, no more half measures.

And to make this point clear, some of the following full measures will be in order from today onwards. And once a measure or decision is made, it’s final. If there is anything I should do for my masters application, my VSB application or any other likewise arrangement for the future, it goes before anything else. Second, if people give you shit, you either give it right back to them, or you ensure that they’ll have no more shit to give. Either way, fix it. Third and finally, stop the tardy lame appearances, but take matters into your own hands. Call your friends instead of being late for whatever they invite you to. Make it a two-way relationship again, because without your friends, you’re nothing.

Reminder: This goes for friends from here and far.

Beard up, suit up, man up! 

Been whisteling all day. #BB #walter